The spirit of Monozukuri Succeeds the Japanese Automotive Industry

President Director of Toyota Motor Corporation who is also the President of JAMA (Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association) Akio Toyoda, explained about how Japan built the automotive industry.
When the first Tokyo Motor Show was held in 1954, at that time Japanese car manufacturers were just learning from American and European manufacturers, the car technology produced was still mediocre.

But now conditions have changed completely. Thanks to the persistence of all business actors involved in this industry, Japan was able to gain a respectable position in the world automotive industry.
Toyoda said the DNA of the Japanese persistence in making something had its roots in past traditions. Spirit of Monozukuri or passion in making something that is lived by every production chain in the automotive industry becomes the basis for various innovations that exist today.

“The strong DNA from the Monozukuri spirit is the basis for various innovations that have been and will be produced by the Japanese automotive industry,” Toyoda told Media Indonesia in Tokyo some time ago.
While Nissan Motor Corporation Represantive Director Toshiyuki Shiga said, the reliability of the spirit of Monozukuri was seen when Japan was hit by a massive earthquake on March 11, 2011. Automotive manufacturers practically stopped producing because about 500 suppliers were in the affected area.

From the conditions that were affected by the earthquake, suppliers and manufacturers worked hand in hand until in a matter of months, automotive production could return to near pre-earthquake levels. “I was very impressed with the spirit of monozukuri,” he said.

And now the concentration of Japanese automotive companies is not only creating cars that are environmentally friendly or zero emission but more than that trying to create a safe car so that it can create zero fatalities.

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