mediahostforph.com – Behind the controversy about Japanese culture that is sometimes difficult for some countries to accept, it cannot be denied that this country of rising sun has succeeded in bringing Asian big names to the world thanks to its remarkable achievements. Besides being included as one of the richest countries in the world, Japan also contributes by donating a lot of technology, especially in the video game industry.

As you can see, for decades Japan has been the most active country in the industry. You can see the proof from the creation of classic consoles such as NES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, and various arcade games which are exported to foreign countries. All of this still does not include some classic game series such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and Final Fantasy which were also developed by Japanese developers.

Developing games in the past era is not an easy job, because there are so many developers who experience financial crisis and threatened to be disbanded. One of the most inspiring stories of that time came from the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, where he and a team member of less than 10 people managed to complete the first Final Fantasy series and save the financial crisis Square Soft. For them the most important thing is not just to get profit, but also how to create a franchise that can be accepted by gamers until time to time.

It is this dedication of the Japanese developers that makes the KotGa Crew amazed by their efforts to continue to support a genre that has begun to be forgotten in the western market. For example, like JRPG, this genre that is difficult to popularize is proof that it continues to grow today thanks to full support. 

This certainly must be an example by international gaming companies, such as Sony’s branches outside Japan, for example, which began stopping the production of the PlayStation Vita due to lack of competition, or XBOX which only focuses on exclusive franchises and does not provide support for Japanese games.

Talking about the development of the game slot online industry that has become more advanced, what about the fate of Japanese developers now? The answer itself is solid. Here they get the freedom to make games from various genres, ranging from visual novels to simple simulations. If abroad maybe only a few genres can succeed in the market, but it is different with Japan which always has a target market to be targeted. No matter if you only build a small team, your chances of competing in the market will always be wide open.

Back to the context of this Diary article about Japan’s dominance in the development of the world gaming industry. If it has to be explained in detail, actually Japan here is more acting as a driving force that always provides inspiration for the many developers who want to enter this industry. In addition to relying on the iconic classic franchise, several well-known developers such as Capcom, Square Enix, SEGA, Atlus, Falcom to Compile Heart have their own mainstay franchise that can compete fiercely in the market.

The existence of the console is proven to be able to survive well in Japan. For example, you can see from Media Create Sales that shows that the PlayStation Vita is still very popular and continues to achieve high sales results every week. Far different from abroad, especially in Indonesia is not it? That’s right, this is what makes the video game industry in Japan can continue to grow stably and consistently. Unfortunately, marketing Xbox One is actually very sad in this country. Not only is it rarely bought, some electronics stores even promote it as a Blu-ray DVD player gadget up to 4K resolution. Maybe this is the karma that Microsoft must feel because of their limited support for Japanese developers and games.

All of these fantastic achievements have indeed not been achieved by Indonesia, but as Asian residents we should deserve to be proud. Support and dedication that continues to be poured out by developers to satisfy gamers is the main reason why Japan is dominating the gaming industry today. Although some of the practices carried out are still aimed at getting the maximum profit, at least quality is still the main focus that they always want to achieve.

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